Thursday, October 23, 2008

Facebook Cause - Join us!

We are working daily to try to build a broad network on Facebook that will support The Project - The Childrens Rare Disease Network. The beauty of social networking sites like Facebook and Linked In are that they can generate tremendous awareness and support for something very quickly. We would like to hit 1 million members supporting children with rare disease! How amazing to have the world in 3 short months stand up and show that they care.

Join our cause on Facebook and tell your friends - it is listed as The Project Charity! If you can't find it email us and we will get you there!

Technology is an amazing tool - Until next time!!



Ryan said...

Hi Nicole, Can you post the link to the FB page.

The Project said...

What's up dude! It actually is - if you go to our placeholder site it links to the blog. We will also have our interim site up next week and that will have blog access included in the site!

I hope you are doing fabulous - when can we catch up! Did you sign up for the cause yet?!?!?!?