Thursday, October 23, 2008

Facebook Cause - Join us!

We are working daily to try to build a broad network on Facebook that will support The Project - The Childrens Rare Disease Network. The beauty of social networking sites like Facebook and Linked In are that they can generate tremendous awareness and support for something very quickly. We would like to hit 1 million members supporting children with rare disease! How amazing to have the world in 3 short months stand up and show that they care.

Join our cause on Facebook and tell your friends - it is listed as The Project Charity! If you can't find it email us and we will get you there!

Technology is an amazing tool - Until next time!!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Children Working to make a difference

We hosted our first Kids Helping Kids Advisory Board Meeting. While determining roles and initial goals and objectives, the kids also discussed the efforts that they would like to work on related to World Rare Disease Day.

Stay tuned - we will make announcements soon, but they would like to engage school champions at as many different elementary, middle and high schools across the country! Contact us if you have immediate questions on how you can be part of this great cause!

Nicole Boice

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some Recent Efforts

We will soon have a very compelling interim site available for your perusal at Please stay tuned for the announcement.

We have also begun a very large Facebook campaign where we are working to get 1 million people to join our cause - The Project Charity, bringing greater awareness to those children and their families affected by rare disease! We are hopeful to get to those numbers before the end of the year when we will launch our 'Dollar Makes A Difference' campaign.

Continue to introduce us to those that you know affected by rare disease, send us links to resources that have been helpful, hospitals and physicians that are working hard to help. Our goal is to have our Childrens Rare Disease Network portal and community up in time for the World Rare Disease Day, Feb 28, 2009!

Exciting times - spread the word! Lets continue to work to Make A Difference!!!