Thursday, July 24, 2008

Onwards and. . .

This has been a very exciting journey. I will be reaching out to all of those that have been part of this incredible process over the last 4 years; including representatives from Lily Claire Foundation - Williams Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome, Jouberts Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, AT Childrens Project - Ataxia Telangectasia and many others. We will be going around the country to photograph representatives (children) diagnosed with some of these rare/orphan diseases. I look forward to meeting these kids who are always an inspiration.

We will be linking our site to NORD - National Organization for Rare Diseases who have compiled a database of the over 6,000 rare yet known diseases. We will be trying to formulate a partnership with them and other organizations like theirs because our goals are very synergistic.

I pose one question: If you start asking, I am 100% certain that you will come to know of a child with a rare disease. Many friends, family members, clients, business associates that I have had the fortune of knowing have stories, children of their own, friends of friends who are all affected. Make sure that as we move forward with this charity that you send them our way - we would like to make sure that we know about every charity out their, especially those small ones that need financial help and broader awareness so desperately.

So who do you know? Let's do this for them.

Make a difference! Peace.


Sunday, July 13, 2008


We are moving ahead! Meeting with Pike Design regarding the website. This will obviously be a work in progress but critical at the onset.

Working with my attorney to build the board of directors! We will also be building the business and scientific advisory boards very soon. Tapping many of those that we spoke with at the onset!

Until the site is live, feel free to contact me directly. I would be happy to share the details and even the prospectus! Nicole Boice, 949.680.7088.

Thanks for your interest.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Thanks to my dear friend Danny Levine, 'The Project' Charity blog is live! This will become part of our website site - - so stay tuned. I will provide updates as to progress as we finally get this amazing organization off the ground. A special thanks to Allison Young of Mintz Levin and her firm for taking on all the legal work necessary to make 'The Project' official.

The Project Charity will be a self sustaining granting organization that will focus on helping those families, their children and the organizations that support them. Each of these beneficiaries all have one thing in common - they have been diagnosed with or represent a rare/orphan disease. As part of our mission, we as an organization will also help educate the world about these varied diseases, because collectively, rare diseases affect almost 25 million of our friends and family. We have a responsibility to bring greater awareness to these ever increasing diseases.

We have a very unique and exciting program planned to help our fundraising efforts - this will be announced very soon.

I can be reached by phone 949.305.8656 or temporarily by email at , with any questions, comments or feedback.